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Polyphosphate Siliphos

May 29, 2023

Polyphosphate Siliphos is the reliable slow-soluble food grade chemical, which brings us the economical way to protect industrial & potable water systems against scale and corrosion. It can be fed into water by a dispenser, which can be installed in almost every water system. They require no electric installation and hardly any maintenance. They only have to be refilled with balls every 3-12 months.Refilling is very easy.

Recommended application
1. PROTECT water systems in hotels, public buildings, private households and industry against scale from cation&corrosion
2. PREVENT “brown” water and clogged pipes
3. SAVE saves expensive repairs or even replacement of water pipes, boilers, heaters, cooling systems, etc
4. EXTEND the life of your water installations

Recommended dosage
For anti-scale: 10g per 1ton water (concentration: <10ppm)
For anti-corrosion: 3g per 1ton water (concentration: <3ppm)

We Provide strictly Quality Control Processure and provide test report for every shipment.