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Antiscalant Ball Siliphos
Molecular Formula: (NaPO3)n
UN Number: N/A
CAS Number: 94551-68-5
Dangerous Class: N/A
Grade: Food Grade
HS Code: 38249999.99

Product Description

It's transparent crystal.

Trait Service:

  • Available in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Many kinds:ball type, broken crystals, cone type.

  • Contact: Anna Jin WhatsApp/Wechat +8617526571732.

Product Specification

Items Specification
Purity(as P2O5) 60.0 Min
Sio2 2.0 Max
PH value 6.0~7.5
Fluoride 0.001 Max
Heavy Metal(as Pb) 0.001 Max
Arsenic(As) 0.0002 Max
Cd 0.001 Max
Hg 0.001 Max
Se 0.001 Max
Ag 0.005 Max
Cr 0.005 Max

Product Features



Packing & Loading

Product Application

1.Antisepsis :Siliphos Prevent microorganism from corroding pipeline in water, can slowly remove iron oxide in old pipes.

2.Antiscalant: After the water is heated, calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate are prevented from combining, restrain the deposition of scale on metal surface.

Anti-scale solar water heater、Anti-scale germicidal in household water system、 Anti-scale hot water boiler、 Anti-scale of water system in hotels and hospitals、 Swimming pool water system、 Prevent water pipe from rusting、 Prevent equipment from corrosion in water、 Prolonging service life of equipment、 Add minerals to the body

Loading Details


Quantity without pallets

Quantity with pallets

20kg carton

17mt/850 cartons,

1*20 feet container

20mt/1000 cartons,

1*20 feet container



1.  Do you have export experience?

We are an expert of chemicals international trade with 15 years experiences.


2.  How can you guarantee quality?

Always random sampling assay during production;
Always final inspection before shipment;
Always support SGS/BV test according to our customer’s requirements.


3.  How long will it take to deliver goods? 

Generally speaking, our delivery time is about 15 days after order confirmed.


4.  What’s your payment terms?

We support TT prepay, LC at sight, LC 30/60/90 days, also it’s possible to provide OA.


5.   Can you arrange sample to our office?

Sure, we can arrange sample for free. However, express cost will be paid by your side.


6.   What’s your trade mode?




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