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Phosphoric Acid
Molecular Formula: H3PO4
UN Number: 1805
CAS Number: 7664-38-2
Dangerous Class: 8
Grade: Food Grade
HS Code: 28092011

Product Description

It's transparent liquid.

Trait Service:

  • Free delivery of samples for testing.

  • We produce phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid factory.

  • Contact: Anna Jin WhatsApp/Wechat +86 17526571732.

Product Specification

Items 75% 85%
Phosphoric acid (H3PO4) 75-76  85-86
Arsenic (as As) 0.5mg/kg Max 0.5mg/kg Max
Fluoride (F) 10mg/kg Max 10mg/kg Max
Hazen 20 Max 20 Max
Easy oxide as H3PO3 120mg/kg Max 120mg/kg Max
Heavy metals (as pb) 2mg/kg Max 2mg/kg Max



Product Features

Packing & Loading

35kg plastic drum

330kg plastic drum and 1600kg/1650kg IBC drum.

Product Application




Used as metal surface treatment agent; stainless steel, aluminum profile, electronic chemical polishing; organic reaction catalyst; refractory additive; activated carbon treatment agent.

2,Food Additive.

It’s widely used as food additive, flavoring agent, sour agent, adjust the pH, clarifier, and nutritional agent etc.

3,  Phosphate Fertilizer.

Used as phosphate raw material products to make fertilizer.


Loading Details

35kg plastic drum


1*20 feet container


1*20 feet container

330kg plastic drum


1*20 feet container


1*20 feet container

1600kg IBC 

25.6mt/16 IBCs,

1*20 feet container

25.6mt/16 IBCs,

1*20 feet container

1650kg IBC 

26.4mt/16 IBCs,

1*20 feet container

26.4mt/16 IBCs,

1*20 feet container



1.  Do you have export experience?

We are an expert of chemicals international trade with 15 years experiences.


2.  How can you guarantee quality?

Always random sampling assay during production;
Always final inspection before shipment;
Always support SGS/BV test according to our customer’s requirements.


3.  How long will it take to deliver goods? 

Generally speaking, our delivery time is about 15 days after order confirmed.


4.  What’s your payment terms?

We support TT prepay, LC at sight, LC 30/60/90 days, also it’s possible to provide OA.


5.   Can you arrange sample to our office?

Sure, we can arrange sample for free. However, express cost will be paid by your side.


6.   What’s your trade mode?






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