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Why phosphoric acid price is increasing so crazy?

August 02, 2021


Because raw material and power rationing. Please check reason as below:

Trend chart of phosphoric acid price:

Many plants offered phosphoric acid ¥6000-8000/mt recently,it’s a high level,the lowest phosphoric acid price is around ¥5000/mt this year. Phosphoric acid price is not stable.


Trend chart of yellow phosphorus(raw material of phosphoric acid) price:

The price of yellow phosphorus increased sharply in May, then decreased slowly, and began to rise sharply in July.


Market analysis:

In the past, the price of phosphoric acid was the lowest in summer, but this year is different.

Since July, the price of yellow phosphorus has been in a high consolidation stage. Recently, affected by power rationing in Yunnan, the price of yellow phosphorus has risen again,then phosphoric acid price increased. The operating rate of yellow phosphorus has declined, and the market spot is tight. Manufacturers mainly issue early orders, and some manufacturers temporarily stop making external quotations.

Up to now, the mainstream quotation of yellow phosphorus in Yunnan is about 22000-25000 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation in Sichuan is about 24000-25000 yuan / ton; The mainstream quotation in Guizhou is about 20000-22000 yuan / ton. Due to the rapid price rise, the factory mainly sends early orders, and the new orders are limited.

Because phosphate rock is very lack in Guizhou,many plants made it price increased.

Due to power rationing in Yunnan, yellow phosphorus production was reduced. The supply of yellow phosphorus is tight in the market, the price of phosphoric acid will continue to rise in the short term. If the customer has a demand, it is recommended to purchase as soon as possible.