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Surfactant and cosmetic free hand sanitizer

January 05, 2021

Disposable hand sanitizer is a kind of unconventional hand sanitizer product, generally used in emergency environment (such as: playing in the wild) or special environment (such as: medical places, entertainment places, etc.), mainly for hand cleaning Or the need for disinfection.

The ingredients of a typical disposable hand sanitizer are as follows:

Ethanol, water, carbomer, triethanolamine, bactericide.

Among the disposable hand sanitizers, ethanol is the most typical disinfectant and detergent. Generally, in order to ensure sufficient disinfection and sterilization effects, other fungicides, such as quaternary ammonium salts and chlorhexidine, are also added.

In this formula, you can continue to add moisturizing ingredients, emollient ingredients, and conditioner ingredients.

In this formula, you can continue to add flavor or essential oil components, but the addition of fragrance substances should consider the requirements of the use environment. Not all use environments are suitable for adding fragrance ingredients.

In disposable hand sanitizers, the content of surfactants is usually low, but they play an important role. Ingredients such as carbomer and fungicides belong to the category of surfactants.

Carbomer is a commonly used surfactant in hand sanitizers and is used as a gelling agent. Carbomer has a wide range of applications, including the field of medicine.

Finally, as an unconventional hand sanitizer product, children should not use hand sanitizer for a long time, regardless of whether the formula contains ethanol.