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Isopropyl myristate
Chemical Formula: C17H34O2
Molecular Weight: 270.45
CAS Number: 110-27-0
Grade: Tech

Product Description

Transparent liquid

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Product Specification



Test Results


Ester content:

98 Min



Acid value:

0.5 Max


mg KOH / g

Color (APHA):

30 Max



Packing & Loading

Product Description

A colorless, transparent, oily liquid obtained by esterification reaction of myristic acid and isopropanol.

It is insoluble in water but miscible with organic solvents like alcohols, ethers, methylene chloride and oils.

It is commonly used as a fixative in lipsticks, lip glosses, face powders and perfumes, or as a dispersant and raw material in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is an important additive in high-end cosmetics, resistant to oxidation and odor formation, with excellent skin penetration, moisturizing and softening effects. It is often used as an emulsifier and humectant in cosmetics.

When used in cosmetics, it can moisturize and nourish the skin. It is well absorbed by the skin and can effectively contact the follicles and penetrate deep into the skin layer, bringing active ingredients into the skin and enabling them to fully exert their effects.

Product Application

– Personal care industry (widely used in topical preparations and cosmetics, including bath oils, cosmetics, hair and nail care products, face creams, lip balms, shaving creams, skin moisturizers, deodorants, conditioners, etc.)

– Textile industry (used as fabric softeners and antistatic agents in the textile industry)- Pharmaceutical industry (used as dispersants and raw materials)

– Agriculture industry (used as lubricants in paper making and agriculture industry)

– Organic synthesis applications (can be used as medium and high requirement heat carrier for organic synthesis, and as humectants, inorganic salt solubilizers, viscosity adjusters in daily chemical industry) 

Loading Details

Packaging Quantity with or without pallets – 20’GP Quantity with or without pallets – 40’GP
175 Kg Steel Drum 14 mt/80 drums 23.8 mt/138 drums


1.  Do you have export experience?

We are an expert of chemicals international trade with 20 years experiences.


2.  How can you guarantee quality?

Always random sampling assay during production;
Always final inspection before shipment;
Always support SGS/BV test according to our customer’s requirements.


3.  How long will it take to deliver goods? 

Generally speaking, our delivery time is about 15-20 days after order confirmed.


4.  What’s your payment terms?

We support TT prepay, LC at sight, LC 30/60/90 days, also it’s possible to provide OA.


5.   Can you arrange sample to our office?

Sure, we can arrange sample for free. However, express cost will be paid by your side.


6.   What’s your trade mode?


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