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Coco Dimethyl Amine
CAS Number: 61788-93-0
Chemical Formula: C7H15NO2
Grade: Tech Grade
Product Name: DMA-C
Molecular Weight: 145.2
Hazard Class: 8. UN: 2735
Synonyms: Coco Alkyldimethyl Amines. Amines, coco alkyldimethyl. Cocodimethylamine

Product Description

Colorless Transparent Liquid

Trait Service:

  • Coco Dimethyl Amine serves as a key ingredient in various industries, including personal care, cleaning, and industrial applications.

  • Elevate your formulations to new heights of excellence with our premium-grade Coco Dimethyl Amine.

  • We pride ourselves on offering top-quality Coco Dimethyl Amine that meets the highest standards of purity and performance

Product Specifications

Items Specifications: Test Results Unit
Tertiary Amine  Value 250-260 253.6 mg/g
Tertiary Amine Content  97min 99.3 %
Primary and Secondary
1.0max 0.2 %
Color APHA 30max 8  
C8 4-8 4.2 %
C10 5-10 6 %
C12 45-53 52 %
C14 15-21 21 %
C16 5-15 7.8 %
C18 8-12 8.8 %


Coco Dimethyl Amine is a versatile surfactant with antiseptic, dispersing, and emulsifying properties, finds widespread applications across various sectors. From personal care products like shampoos and body washes to industrial solutions, agriculture, textile, and leather industries, this compound enhances cleaning, conditioning, and processing capabilities. Its role extends to potential use in the petroleum industry, highlighting its adaptability and effectiveness in diverse applications.
Experience the transformative impact of Coco Dimethyl Amine in your applications. Elevate your formulations, improve performance, and achieve superior results with this exceptional ingredient. Discover the endless possibilities with Coco Dimethyl Amine and take your products to the next level of excellence.




1.  Do you have export experience?

We are an expert of chemicals international trade with 15 years experiences.


2.  How can you guarantee quality?

Always random sampling assay during production;
Always final inspection before shipment;
Always support SGS/BV test according to our customer’s requirements.


3.  How long will it take to deliver goods? 

Generally speaking, our delivery time is about 15 days after order confirmed.


4.  What’s your payment terms?

We support TT prepay, LC at sight, LC 30/60/90 days, also it’s possible to provide OA.


5.   Can you arrange sample to our office?

Sure, we can arrange sample for free. However, express cost will be paid by your side.


6.   What’s your trade mode?


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