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Aerogel Innovative material Multifunctional Fireproof Insulating
Bulk Density (kg/m3): 25-50
Specific Surface Area (m2/g): >600
Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K): 0.016≤
Contact Angle (°): 147.5
Average Pore Diameter (nm):<30
Pore Volume(ml/g):>2.5

Product Description

Aerogel has set 15 Guinness World Records. It’s a kind of aerogel, has exhibited many unique properties in the fields of thermology, optics, electrics, mechanics, and acoustics, and has been recognized as a miraculous material that changes the world, ranking among the top ten hottest scientific and technological advancements since the 1990s.

Trait Service:

  • World's lightest solid

  • Super Insulation

  • Superhydrophobicity

Product Specification






3mm, 6mm, 10mm

Temperature range

-100°C ~ 500°C

Flame resistance


Thermal conductivity

0.016 ~ 0.022W/m·K

Surface chemistry


Aerogel will be as versatile as plastic today

Spacesuit, Pipe Insulation
Building Insulation and Fire Protection
Anti-Corrosive Hydrophobic Coatings
Empty Three-Way Catalytic Converter
Oil-Water Separation
Large-Scale Desalination
Hydrogen Storage Material
Anti-Noise, Energy Absorption
Lead-Acid Battery Modification
Engineering Plastic Modification
Drug Slow Release and Targeted Therapy

Petrochemical Applications

Aerogel’s superhydrophobic performance can prevent pipeline corrosion, extend service life, and reduce maintenance costs. This is particularly useful in LNG transportation, where pipe corrosion can ensure energy safety and reduce energy consumption. The self-cleaning feature allows for easy dirt removal without blockage, ensuring purity of substances in pharmaceutical and food industries. Additionally, it prevents the formation of hydrates, ensuring smooth transportation.

Application Areas of Aerogel New Energy Battery

The use of aerogel felt in batteries is a solution to prevent thermal runaway accidents in lithium-ion power battery packs. Aerogel felt is fireproof, heat insulation, flame retardant, and easy to process, making it an ideal prevention material. It can also be used as a hot battery thermal insulation material for thermal insulation cylinders, addressing high performance and long life requirements. The newly developed aerogel glass fiber felt can increase the battery pack’s high temperature resistance to over 800℃, significantly improving the heat resistance of the battery.

Aerogel Application Areas Construction

The construction industry is increasingly focusing on thermal insulation for doors, windows, and walls. Current materials are not ideal due to their thickness and flame retardant ability, making them easy to cause fires. Aerogel, an upgraded alternative, can address these issues by considering fire, sound insulation, and other functions. This technology is expected to subvert the existing pattern of building insulation materials and improve the overall thermal insulation of homes.

Transportation Applications

Aerogel materials are widely used in transportation for fire insulation, heat preservation, noise reduction, battery pack fireproofing, hazardous chemical transportation vehicles, liquefied natural gas carriers, high-speed rail and subway cars, and other special transport thermal insulation and fire protection layers. In traffic accidents, fire points are typically concentrated in the engine compartment, so adding an aerogel fireproof wall between the engine compartment and cockpit can prevent fire from spreading to the cockpit.

Aerogel Downstream Products

Aerogel Hydrophobic Coatings

Aerogel Hydrophobic Coatings

Aerogel Reflective Heat Insulation Coating

Aerogel Insulating Paste

Aerogel Adsorbent Replaces Activated Carbon

Aerogel Polyester Fibre


1.  Do you have export experience?

We are an expert of chemicals international trade with 20 years experiences.


2.  How can you guarantee quality?

Always random sampling assay during production;
Always final inspection before shipment;
Always support SGS/BV test according to our customer’s requirements.


3.  How long will it take to deliver goods? 

Generally speaking, our delivery time is about 15-20 days after order confirmed.


4.  What’s your payment terms?

We support TT prepay, LC at sight, LC 30/60/90 days, also it’s possible to provide OA.


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Sure, we can arrange sample for free. However, express cost will be paid by your side.


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