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Polyvinyl chloride(PVC resin)
Other Names:Polyvinyl chloride
CAS No.:9002-86-2
EINECS No.:618-338-8
Type:Synthetic Resin And Plastics, Super Absorbent
k value:68-66

Product Description

Trait Service:

  • Model Number: SG5 SG3 SG4 SG8 SG7 SG1000 SG1300

Product Description

PVC compound for soft wire and cable, based on PVC resin, is produced by high-speed kneading, mixing, plasticizing and granulation with adding plasticizer, stabillizers, fillers, lubricants and etc. The product has good electrical properties, chemical stability, is a cheap but qualified insulating material. Meanwhile, the Eco-friendly PVC cable compound which is produced by environmentally efficient compound stabilizer etc. is comply with EU RoHS 6 requirements. This series of products based on different models and temperature levels, respectively, can be used for manufacturing indoor wire, meter communication cable, various low-voltage wire and cable.

We offer suspension PVC resin with following spec.

PVC resin – SG3 K-Value 72-71
PVC resin – SG4 K-Value 70-69
PVC resin – SG5 K-Value 68-66
PVC resin – SG7 K-Value 62-60
PVC resin – SG8 K-Value 59-55
PVC resin – S1000 K-Value 68-66
PVC resin – S1300 K-Value 72-71

Product Application

1.It is the most widely produced general- purpose plastic in the world and is widely used. According to the content of residual vinyI chloride monomer (VCM) in the polyvinyl chloride resin, it can be divided into three types: industrial grade, food sanitary grade, and medical grade.
2.In construction materials, UPVC pipes, UPVC pipe fittings, profiles, furniture, I decorative materials, floor leather, floor tiles, packaging materials,packaging films, industrial products, daily necessities, artificial leather, anti-corrosion coatings, electronic equipment wires, cables, tapes, plugs,Electrical components,plastic bottles, foaming materials, sealing materials, fibers, auxiliary medical supplies, gloves, and fresh-keeping paper for certain foods are widely used.
3.Choose SG5 for hard PVC pipes and profiles, SG8 for injection products, and SG4 or below for PVC soft products.



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